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Trouble in Uttar Pradesh in 2018-20?- A research

(Astro research by D.Vamsi Krishna & R.S.Sarma)

It is a settled law in Astrology that when ever there is any association by way of Conjunction or Trine or Opposition or same direction rasis as per Nadi method between Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter there were always communal riots or political turmoil or mass killings at many places on the globe.

This was proved during Godhra riots and Ayodhya riots.

Between 2018-2020 the same Ketu+Saturn+Jupiter association happening raising our eyebrows. Already Ramajanma bhoomi is boiling again with the Supreme court directing both the parties to the dispute to sort out the issue out of court. Now Yogi Adityanath has become CM of U.P and in his personal chart also Ketu dasa will operate at that time. This is a clear pointer to the future.

Before attempting to delve into the karmic depths of this Astrlogical Yoga, let us look back into history to see what happened during past incidents.

Ayodhya communal riots


06 Dec 1992

At that time Ketu and Saturn both were in South Direction and Bhu tattwa rasis. This Ketu-Saturn association always ignites communal riots.Because of this ominous yoga, mass death of people happened. Because Jupiter being in Virgo (south direction) was also associated with this yoga the issue had religious overtones.

Godhra Riots 

27 Feb 2002


At that time Saturn was in Bhu tatwa rasi, retro Jupiter in Gemini aspecting Ketu in Dhanus but Jupiter comes back to Taurus to join Saturn resulted in mass killings. It is noteworthy that Ketu was in Jupiter house, showing religious violence.

It all started on 27 Feb 2002 and ended in May 2002 till Jupiter got direct in his journey in the skies.

Based on the graha yogas that existed during the above worst times, it can be foretold that similar incidents may happen in near future.

The difficult times in the near future could be the following:--

March-2018, March-2019, November 2019-April 2020.

CM Adityanath Yogi needs to be very careful and tactful during the above periods to resolve the strife with minimum loss to one and all. A lot of advance planning is needed by the Administration to face the above indicated times.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Yogi Adityanath Horoscope - Nadi Astrology perspective

[This post is written by Shri. Vamsi Krishna ( who is a software engineer at Hyderabad and a tireless researcher of Astrology from the age of 17 years. He has got excellent predictive abilities. I can say he mastered many branches of Astrology on his own before becoming my disciple.In fact, there is no branch of Astrology that he had not touched and researched into. Read his analysis of Yogi Adityanath Chart from Nadi perspective....]

Yogi Adityanath - Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Bhrigu-Nandi Naadi Analysis

Birth Data:  05 June 1972, 11:50 AM  Pauri Garhwal

Sun being a ruling class planet must be strong and if it is weak must be supported by another exalted planet or Jupiter for Politicians.

Saturn being the planet of karma should link to Sun.

Jupiter representing Jeevakaraka and also a planet of nobility must support the combination.

Mercury represetns intelligence and Rahu the hard work and secrecy.

The link of Ketu indicates fame.

Mars the planet of power is optional for a politician to exercise power.

In his Natal Chart

Mercury Sun Saturn Rahu are in South direction
Retro Jupiter in East Direction
Retro Venus Mars Moon in West Direction
Ketu in North Direction

Mercury and Venus (R) are in exchange

Mars in Gemini aspecting Retro Jupiter, Jupiter(R) taking this back to rear sign Scorpio gets an aspect from Ketu in cancer

Mercury Sun Saturn in bhoo-tatwa rasi and bhoga sign Taurus where they are joined by Venus (R) and aspected by Jupiter(R) blessed him the head of a big mutt.

Jupiter(R) in Sagittarius (a sign of political/elite posts) going to back to rear sign aspecting Saturn (karma, mass people) sun (fame name recognition high posts) mercury (speech) blessed him political career ...
Sun got connected to Saturn,  Mercury,  Rahu (being in the same direction South) this all is getting aspected by Jupiter after retrograde coming back to Scorpio (rear sign). Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu all participating in this and Jupiter aspecting them after retrograde blessed him political career.
Ketu in his motion comes across Mars as its 2nd to him and this is aspected by Jupiter (R). Also Jupiter comes to rear as he is retrograde gets connected to Ketu in north direction sign cancer, this gave him Peethadhishwar of Gorakhnath Temple 

Saturn (Karma) & Jupiter ( Jeeva) in their transits based on the natal planets configuration to the planets & their karakatwas based on the rasi gunas they bless the native results of his karma (both positive and negative).
As we have analysed that in this native chart political yoga and posts are promised, Transit Jupiter and Saturn will activate them. 

March 1998 First time elected as MP

Transit Planetary positions on March 10, 1998
Transits Sun Mars Mercury Saturn are in North sign Pisces, its in association with Natal Jupiter (after retrograde comes to rear sign scorpio) have ignited the natal political post that is there in the natal chart.
Transit Saturn in 3/11 position to Natal Saturn.

Oct 1999 : Re elected to 13th Lokshabha (2nd term)

Transit Planetary positions on October 1999

In transit in Oct 1999  Jup(R) Sat(R) in Aries, Venus in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius which are signs related to political posts. Jupiter & Saturn by retro in rear sign Pisces is activating natal connection through the Natal  planet Jupiter in Scorpio (north direction sign). Both Saturn and Jupiter in transit have activated the natal connection through Jupiter

May 2004:

Transit Planetary positions on May 2004

In transit, Natal Jupiter has Transit Jupiter in same direction sign along with Mercury and Rahu.
Natal Jupiter also aspected by Transit Saturn along with Mars Venus and this is 2nd to the natal Sun, Saturn, Mercury by this the natal configuration got activated by transit planets.

May 2009

Transit Planetary positions on May 2009
Transit Jupiter in 3rd to Natal Jupiter and in same direction that of Natal Mars.
Transit Saturn in Leo in same direction of Natal Jupiter, in 3rd to Natal Mars and Venus
Transit Sun, Mercury, Rahu, Moon in the same direction of Natal Sun Mercury Rahu.
Transit Ketu on the natal Ketu  all this blessed him the post of parliamentary member again.

May 2014

Transit Planetary positions on May 2014

Transit Jupiter is on the Natal Mars and Venus aspecting Natal Jupiter and in 2nd to Natal Saturn, Mercury, Sun.

Transit Saturn(R) in same direction (west) of Natal Mars and Venus. Saturn is retro goes to rear sign Virgo there by gets association with Natal Saturn, Sun, Mercury.
Transit Mars(R) in Virgo gets association of Nata Saturn, Sun, Mercury and after he goes to  rear sign by retro gets association of Natal Jupiter, all these activated natal combination which is conducive to Politician MP Post. 
Sun (21), Saturn (17) association in Taurus, a sign ruled by Venus and its a Moola trikona sign of Moon. He was member of various committees and standing committees of Parliament which dealt with Transport, Tourism and Culture. And Rahu & Mercury in same direction to this, he was member of a standing committee on External affairs.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Yogi Adityanath Horoscope Analysis

Yogi Aditya Nath has been elected as the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, a most important state of North India.As per a confidential source, his birth details are found to be as under:--

5-6-1972; 11-50 am; Panchur; Pauri Garhwal (UP)

There are some very peculiar yogas in his birth chart, the most important one being the Raja Yoga formed by the 9th and 10th lords i.e Mars and Venus in laabha sthana. Again, the yoga formed by grouping of Sun,Saturn and Mercury in 10th house is also a kind of Raja Yoga.The placement of Nodes in sixth and twelfth is the best placement according to traditional texts on Astrology.

The presence of weak Moon as 12th Lord in 7th house is a yoga that nullifies marriage. Moon in the star of Jupiter indicates that cancellation of marriage is because of his interest in spiritual matters.Jupiter in 5th from lagna is a good yoga for spiritual life. Mars and Venus together in 5th from Moon lagna also is a very good spiritual yoga. However, the retrogressions of Venus and Jupiter in 5th from Moon and the Lagna respectively show that his spirituality is not confined to caves and solitary tapasya, but has got a tinge of worldly life. This is proved by his tireless involvement in public religious matters and politics. He comes to the rescue of Hindus in Uttar Pradesh in times of need and supports them with his active presence. He conducts Praja Darbar in his monastery at Gorakhpur regularly and tries to solve the problems of the people. No wonder he came to be recognised as a very good leader by the people of Uttar Pradesh.

Exaltation of Jupiter and Moon in Navamsa is as good as Gajakesari Yoga. Saturn being hemmed by these two spiritual planets indicates that his heart always falls in line with the people's problems.This yoga indicates a peculiar trait in him that combines traditional spirituality with active public life in equal proportion.

Vrishabha is Karakamsa and indicates, by the presence of exalted Moon, that he is a strong leader whose life is intertwined with that of the people.

He was born in the star of Jupiter in Kumbha Rasi. He came into this world with an unfinished karma to help people by solving their problems.

He was a mathematics graduate before resigning family life at the age of 21 to become a disciple of Mahant Avaidyanath. Around 1992 when this incident happened, he was running the dasa of Saturn-Sun who are very strongly placed in the tenth kendra in his chart.That is the reason why he left his father in that dasa and settled with his spiritual father. It is notewothty to remember that Saturn is the son of Sun and lives away from his father.

From 1998 onwards, he was elected four times to the Lok Sabha from Gorakhpur constituency. The last of part of Saturn dasa and the subsequent Mercury dasa did him lots of good because both are strongly placed in the 10th house from Lagna. Moreover, they are in 4th house from Moon Lagna and are aspecting the 10th house with a strong look.Now it is Mercury-Saturn in his chart which is the last part of Mercury Maha dasa. Mercury, Saturn and Sun are in 10th house and made him the leader of one of the most important states of India.

Among the three planets, Sun indicates himself as Lagna Lord, Mercury indicates Amit Shah the master planner, and Saturn indicates Prime Minister Modi who is a tireless worker. So, in a sense, it can be said that Saturn and Mercury helped the Sun to become the king of Uttar Pradesh.    

In his chart, Ketu Dasa of 7 years is going to commence very shortly. To be frank, this 7 years dasa is not going to be a cake walk for him. There are some unlawful elements who are waiting to create turmoil in the state in the form of religious strife and he has to be doubly careful with them. These religious troubles are indicated by Jupiter who is sitting in 6th house from the dasa lord Ketu. However, he overcomes them with the help of same Ketu who is well placed in 12th house from Lagna and in 6th house from the Moon.

He took oath as Chief Minister of U.P. at 14.15 hours at Lucknow on 19-3-2017. Let me look at the oath taking chart generated for that time.

Lagna is Karkataka, a soft and yielding sign of the Zodiac. The debility of Moon as Lagna lord in 5th house is cancelled by the presence of Mars in 10th. This Muhurta seems to be the best among the available ones and appears as the handiwork of an able astrologer.

This muhurta says that his governance would be to the benefit of all the sections of the society. Exaltation of Venus in the 9th house is good for religious order and peacefulness. However, some problems will certainly crop up after some time due to the retrogression of Venus.Debilitated Mercury indicates ideological differences with the so called intellectuals. On the whole his governance would be good owing to the placement of Mars in 10th house. Only Moon and Mercury are indicating problems.He may try to reconcile with the Muslim sections before endeavoring to build the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya.

Let us pray that the administration of this Raja Yogi will usher a new era of peace and prosperity in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the coming days.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Cord around neck - Astro-Yogic perspective

Cord around the neck of fetus
In Astro science, birth of a baby with the umbilical cord around its neck is considered as a bad omen.Technically it is called 'Naali Veshtitha Jananam'. In some cases the cord could tighten up and strangle the baby turning her body into blue color.In other cases the baby is born with the cord around her body as if it is wearing a sacred thread.In traditional Astrology all these variations are considered as bad omens.

Cord as a thread around the body
Usually, such babies portend ill luck to the father and the maternal uncle. To mitigate the evil effects, many remedial measures are suggested in our Astro scriptures. Apart from the traditional remedies,we find local customs and practices prevalent in many castes.

Though the modern educated people consider them as superstitions, it is a fact that there is a lot of factual evidence behind these so-called superstitious beliefs.

In this world, nothing is either accidental or co-incidental.Every incident, be it an insignificant thing like the cry of a small bird, has a definite meaning in it.The science of Omens was born out of meticulous observation into the relation between events and hints from Nature. There are many who do not believe in omens, yet they are real. If we learn this science and try to understand the omens, we can live our lives more meaningfully and successfully than otherwise.

In reality, what we consider as superstitions are products of observation of thoughtful men spanning over hundreds of years.In Nature, nothing is a waste.In my view, the real superstition is treating everything that we don't understand right now as superstition.

According to Astrology, such babies invariably carry the bad effects of Rahu and Ketu in their charts.We can find Nada Dosham in their family line without fail.Cord around the neck of a baby is a symbol of a snake strangling it to suffocation.This is a clear sign of Naga Dosham in the chart of that baby.

If we observe closely, we can find interesting links between the diseases they get and the Naga Dosham available in their charts.Of late, modern medicine is slowly coming to terms with the Yogic psychology in such matters.

When the umbilical cord intertwines around the neck of a fetus it creates a lot of discomfort to the sleeping life.Though the respiration is absent in the baby, yet it feels a kind of discomfort when the cord strangles it.It is a trauma condition.

Babies who face such kinds of trauma condition either in the belly of the mother or during the time of delivery, usually end up either as asthmatics or suffer from hypertension or heart complaint.

Whenever such people face critical situations in their lives, they become breathless. This happens because, the body remembers the natal trauma condition while in crisis, and falls into the past memory unconsciously.All this is the result of the memory of trauma that resurfaces from the subconscious mind of the sufferer.Astrologically, this is called the effect of Naga Dosham.

Now I will disclose a karmic secret to you all.

Usually,a baby born with cord around its neck would be a soul that underwent a painful death by hanging in its previous birth.We can understand this from its birth chart very easily.

It is a curious fact that the the soul re-enters into the world exactly in the same setting as it left the world in its previous birth.This is reiterated in many scriptures including our Bhagavad Gita(Chapter 6-verses 41.42.43). 

In the journey of a soul, no experience is lost but continues birth to birth like links in a chain.Past experiences just continue without any break in this birth too.All this is a secret science.

There is another interesting fact that connects the science of Astrology to the science fo Homoeopathy.

Surukuku Snake found in South America
There is a medicine called 'Lachesis' to cure the blue baby condition resulting from birth with cord around the neck of a baby. If administered in minimum dose, this medicine can infuse life within seconds into the baby struggling for breath.And the curious fact is - this medicine is prepared by the process of potentization from the venom of a deadly snake called 'Surukuku' found in South America.

Is it not surprising that the suffering of a baby born with Naga Dosham is cured by a medicine prepared from snake venom? Can you call it co-incidental? This is but a link among hundreds of such between the wonderful sciences of Astrology and Homoeopathy. Looks unbelievable, does n't it?

Birth with cord around neck is a sure sign of Naga Dosham. Though skeptics may refuse to believe in such things, it is a truth. If we observe the lives of such babies when they grow up, we find many interesting correlations between their life incidents and the curse of the snake. 

Naga Dosham or curse of snakes is a fact. The worship of snakes all around India is neither a superstition nor the work of priests.It contains a lot of truth in it.

But mind you, please don't come to a hasty conclusion that I support all those who cheat the innocents with frightening words like Naga Dosham. I never support the charlatan astrologers and pseudo tantriks. On the other hand, I dont subsribe to the view of the skeptics that all this is bullshit. I know that Naga Dosham is a fact and it haunts man in various ways that only an experienced astrologer can understand.

Disclaimer:-- Don't use 'Lachesis' on just born babies just because they are born with cord around their necks.It should be used only under expert medical supervision.If you use it, I am not responsible for the repercussions that follow.

Homoeopathy is a very intricate system of medicine which contains no specifics.In it, no two patients will get same medicine. Homoeopathic medicines should not be used without individualization.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Chart of Kaliko Phul, Ex Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh - Astro analysis

Kaliko Phul, ex Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself to the ceiling of his official residence on August 9th.

The yoga for unnatural death by hanging is very much visible in his chart.

Let me elaborate.

He was born on 20-7-1969 at Walla,Hawai,Arunachal Pradesh with 96E48; 27N53 as co ordinates and with time Zone 5.30 East of GMT.Though the exact birth time is unknown,let me analyze his chart with other handy principles of astrology.As I am not going deep into his chart covering all the 12 bhavas,but looking only at the yoga for suicide,exact birth time is not necessary.

From Moon Lagna,which proves many times more accurate than the Lagna,we can observe the presence of a well known astro principle from Jaimini Sutras that suggest suicidal tendencies and un natural death viz. presence of a malefic planet in 3rd house.

In his chart, Mars with Gulika and Mandi and Neptune in third house clearly indicates unnatural death.

According to the famous dictum from 'Jathaka Chandrika' which says - "Ashtamam aayusha sthanam ashtamaad ashtamam tadhaa" - Eigth house and eigth from it again i.e third house indicate longevity of the native.Combining the Jaimini Sutra - "Manda Maandibhyam Jalodbandhanaadibhi" - with this principle,we see that Mandi is in third house indicating death, either by drowning or by hanging.

It is stunning to see how the age old Astro Sutras come alive again and again in any number of charts.Seeing this miracle we cannot but bow down to the great vision of our Rishis who framed these sutras through years and years of painstaking research.

This same 'suicide yoga' is available in the charts of hero Uday Kiran, heroine Zia Khan and hero Ranganath who all died violent deaths,allegedly suicides.

The role of Moon is clearly visible in charts of such emotionally unstable persons, because Moon,in Astrology is the indicator for mind and its tendencies.

Coming to the present chart,the most striking yoga in this chart is the degree conjunction of Moon,Uranus and Jupiter at 7 degrees in Kanya.This trio is joined by an equally unhappy Ketu who is in zero degrees.All these four planets are in Uttara star ruled by Sun who is the lord of 12 th house showing loss and death(destruction of first bhava i.e body).

Uranus is karaka for sudden revolutionary ideas and violent decisions.When he afflicts Moon powerfully, the native of such a chart exhibits very unstable and unpredictable behaviour.They behave as if possessed by some unseen ghost and take very voilent and sudden decisions,to the surprise of their companions.Such people would be talking to their kith and kin and suddenly they go to the other room and commit suicide within minutes.

In this chart,added to the influence of Uranus on Moon, there is the additional influence of Ketu and Jupiter who is a badhaka.When Moon the karaka for mind is afflicted so badly,what could such a poor native do in times of stress other than committing suicide?

Ghati Lagna falls in third from Moon,with Mars,Mandi and Neptune, showing power issues are the cause of his violent death. Debilitated Saturn in 8th shows the curse of people which brought this sad end to his life.

To add the last straw on the back of camel, transit Jupiter is ready to cross Simha into Kanya, his Moon lagna with the ominous combination of Uranus Jupiter and Ketu. All this coupled together precipitated the sad incident.

How strange it is that an ex Chief Minister of a state commits suicide in his official quarters owing to reasons unknown to us.The article in Wikipedia says he tried to commit suicide in the past,by jumping into a river, unable to bear the gastric pain which he  had been suffering from for long.So, he had this suicidal tendency in his chart as indicated by Moon and his colleagues.

How strange it is that more often than not, a man's destiny is so clearly indicated in his birth chart?

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Missing IAF -32 Plane -- Astro Analysis

IAF-32 plane which had started from Chennai to Port Blair has been missing from last Friday.Search operations are on and nothing is found till now.Let me look into the issue with the help of Prashna.

Prashna time is 10.59 hours at Guntur today.

Kanya ruled by Mercury is rising.This is a dual sign and shows the uncertainty prevailing over the issue concerned.In all Prashna charts Moon is the prime indicator of the issue on hand, as he signifies mind and its intentions.He is in 8th house of destruction from Lagna and indicating loss and destruction of the aircraft and death of all 29 passengers aboard the plane.

Moon is in Ketu star showing a sudden mishap beyond the control of pilot that had put the aircraft into an unexpected danger.Ketu signifies sudden developments which result in disasters.

Today is Wednesday ruled by Mercury.Lagna also is ruled by Mercury.Moreover the number of aircraft is 32 which when totalled gives number 5, which again shows Mercury. Now, this Mercury is in exact Rasi Sandhi between Karkataka and Simha rasis. As they signify water and fire,we can understand from this indication that the aircraft landed in trouble and plummeted into the ocean below.Mercury being the ruler of intellect, we can also surmise that the intelligence of the pilot of the aircraft did not co-operate with him in times of need, thus landing the aircraft in danger.

Sun hora was rising at the time of Prashna.Sun is a fiery planet located in Karaktaka, a watery rasi with Venus another watery planet.Moreover Arudha Lagna also is Karkataka.So this is nailing the issue as accident and watery grave.

Combination of Saturn and Mars in 3rd house shows technical snags in the aircraft.Saturn Mars combination almost always gives rise to accidents.This has been proved any number of times in the past.Watery grave is again indicated by this duo located in Vrischika a watery rasi.Rasi sandhi state of Mercury shows the unfit condition of the aircraft.

Sun signifies East direction and Venus,South East.So the debris of the aircraft is now lying in South East direction from the place of take off.

Let me now look at Navamsa chart which gives more clues into the matter.

Here, Karakataka a water rasi is again rising with Moon a watery planet.The angular vision of retro Saturn is hitting Moon.Saturn being 7th and 8th Lord indicates death and destruction.Venus, indicator of aircrafts,is another watery planet and located in 8th house of destruction shows watery grave again.

Sun and Rahu in 4th indicate technical snags in the aircraft.Sun signifies the Heart of the plane i.e its engine.Sun's debilitation clearly shows there are technical snags in the engines of the plane.Sun's 2nd lordship shows that there are technical issues in the aircraft.

By the above analysis, it can be surmised that the aircraft is not fit for flying and it was caught in a dangerous condition while on flight and plummeted into the ocean down below.

Lagna lord Mercury leaving 11th house and entering into 12th house shows the movement of debris from the place of crash towards the place of take off.

Now let us calculate the place of crash.

Lagna is Kanya- 23 degrees.
Accident site is Mars in Saturn star i.e Vrischika 3 degree.
Distance between Lagna and Mars - 40 degrees
Multiplying this with 8 which signifies Saturn we get 320.
Hence around 320 Km from the shore, in South East direction the debris could be found.

The hunt for the missing aircraft is on.

Let us await the result.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Effect of New Moon proved again

Full Moon and New Moon days happening during the time when bad planetary yogas ensue in the sky trigger worldwide accidents leading to injuries and deaths.This I have been highlighting for the past many years with statistical figures.This Sutra is proved again yesterday.
Writing on mundane Astrology one and half year back, I hinted at the destruction going to be created by Saturn and Mars when they meet in Scorpio.Now exactly they are in scorpio and every Full Moon and New Moon is triggering many accidents everywhere.

This Saturday and Sunday were exactly under the shadow of Amavasya.Let us have a look at what happened during this shadow.

Worst fire accident in Kerala
There is a Goddess temple in Kollam district of Kerala in a village called Parampur.Yesterday a fire accident at this temple killed atleast 150 and injured nearly 400 people.

Earthquake shakes four countries
The same yesterday, an earthquake occured in Afghanistan which shook another three countries viz. Pakistan,China and India.In North India,which is close to the quake site,thousands of people were frightened and ran onto roads,leaving their homes behind.

Road accidents galore
This Saturday and Sunday witnessed many worst road accidents in India and elsewhere.

All these incidents exactly coincided with the New Moon shadow.

Apart from this, while writing on the Rahu transit into Leo, I hinted at the Islamic Terrorist surge and war against it by a group of countries.It is exactly happening.

It is global karma and none can resist or stop it.

Astrology proves again and again provided we have the vision to understand it correctly.